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Creating Space for Family: Jenna and Tyler Looman's Trex Deck Transformation

Learn how the Loomans' expanded their family's living space by tapping into their underutilized outdoor area. 

January 05, 2024

The Need for Change

Before winning the giveaway, a worn-out concrete patio dominated the Loomans' outdoor space. "The concrete pad was very old and cracked... it was definitely time to replace it," Jenna recalls. 

The deteriorating patio was not just an eyesore but a symbol of missed opportunities for family gatherings and safe playtime for their children. 

"Our family is pretty big... and, unfortunately, within the last few years, we lost both of my grandparents who used to host because they lived in the country," Jenna shared. The Loomans dreamed of a deck that could accommodate their large family gatherings and make their home the new focal point for these special occasions.

As parents of young and active children, Jenna and Tyler knew the need for a safe outdoor space. The old patio, with its hazards and limitations, was far from ideal for the kind of outdoor family life they wanted their kids to experience. "It just wasn't comfortable being out there," Jenna explained. 

But everything was about to change.

A Winning Moment with Trex

The email announcing their win with Trex marked a significant turning point for the Loomans. Jenna's revelation to Tyler, "I think we just won the deck from Trex," was not just a statement of surprise but a shared moment of realization for the couple. All those years dreaming of a new deck were about to come true.

Reflecting on the win, Jenna later said, “This has really, really given us a huge opportunity to continue updating this house to be what we had always envisioned since we first walked through the door.” Winning with Trex meant they could finally reveal to everyone the potential they had always known was there in their home.

Designing with Trex Composite Decking

When it came to selecting the right materials, the Loomans knew they wanted a combination of aesthetics and durability. They chose Trex Enhance® in Rocky Harbor for its warm gray tones that complemented their home's color scheme. For the borders and stairs, they opted for Trex Enhance® Decking in Coastal Bluff, bringing a subtle yet elegant contrast to the main decking color.

Utilizing Trex's design tools, the Loomans were able to visualize their dream deck. "It was really nice to be able to put it on the back of the house, see it on my phone and what it would really look like," Jenna says about using the AR tool. They were also impressed by the Trex Enhance® Railing in Classic White and Trex® Fascia™ in Universal White, which added a classic touch to their deck.

Building a Family-Focused Deck

The Loomans' top priority with their new deck was that it be safe and inviting for everyone in their family, including their young children. Jenna recalls the issues with their previous patio: "We would walk out of our patio door, there would be no railings, just two steps down... it really became a tripping hazard."

Addressing these safety concerns was paramount. The new deck, featuring Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastener Clips, offered a smooth surface sans screws, significantly reducing the risk of trips and falls. "It's a clean, clean deck... there's nothing sticking up," Jenna points out.

In addition to safety, Jenna notes that Trex decking is easier to maintain than wood decking, even with frequent use. This feature is crucial for their busy family life that doesn't leave them with a lot of spare time: “The less we have to put into keeping the deck maintained, the better.” 

Finally, the Loomans added Trex® Outdoor Lighting™, which enhances the evening ambiance and ensures the deck remains family-friendly and safe after the sun goes down.

Redefine Outdoor Living with Trex

Since completing the deck, the Loomans have experienced a significant change in their outdoor lifestyle. "We are spending way more time in the backyard now," Jenna remarks. The deck has become a central hub for family activities, from morning coffees to sports with the kids. This just goes to show, that families that play together, stay together.

The Looman's experience is a testament to how Trex decking can transform any outdoor space into a beautiful, durable extension of the home. Just like the Loomans, you, too, can redefine your outdoor living. Start designing your dream deck with Trex today and experience the transformation of your outdoor space into a vibrant hub for family memories.


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