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Turning Moments into Memories: The Rose Family Shares Their Trex Transformation

See how the Rose Family used the #TrexMoments Giveaway and the Trex AR app to take their outdoor space from rundown to resort-like. 

January 16, 2024

It all started in 2019 when Jim and Ariel Rose moved into a new home with a deck and pool area that had the potential to be exactly what they were looking for in an outdoor space. But the couple soon realized that the existing wooden deck was not part of that vision. The 20-year-old structure had a number of issues, from its size and layout to its instability, splintering and need for constant maintenance. Even after annual staining, the deteriorating wood was becoming increasingly unattractive and uncomfortable underfoot, especially for the tender feet of their one-year-old daughter and English Bulldog, Clark. With Baby #2 on the way, the Roses were in dire need of an upgrade.

We knew we needed to remodel our deck. Even using a five-year stain, we had to refinish it every year, and still it would splinter and flake. No one wanted to be barefoot on it.” 

Jim Rose

Then, the #TrexMoments Deck Giveaway was announced. Jim loved making little videos with his daughter so he figured the video-based contest was, “right in my wheelhouse. I thought we might have a good shot at this. Let's try! We had so much fun filming with our daughter and felt that the core concept of the contest – showcasing how a new Trex deck would be the perfect place to make lasting memories – was perfectly aligned with what we were hoping to build. When word came through that we were finalists and then the grand prize winners, our excitement ramped up off the charts! I couldn't text the news to my wife fast enough.”

The Trex AR tool was super helpful in the planning stages of the deck to get a feel for shape, size and color combinations,” Jim said. “It gave us an amazing picture of what the deck layout possibilities were.”

After Jim and Ariel narrowed down their color preferences, they ordered samples of their top picks. “Being able to hold the product in our hands was invaluable,” said Ariel. “Everything looks different on a computer or phone. Once we had the samples we could lay them down right next to our house and patio and really see which color worked best.”

Ultimately, the couple chose Trex Transcend® decking in Island Mist, noting that it was “the perfect blend from our white house down to the white of the pool area.” For the railings, they selected Trex Select® railing with white posts and rails, charcoal black aluminum balusters and a cocktail-style top rail also in Island Mist.

Our house and pool shed are white, so the grey decking and black-and-white railings look really sharp,” commented Ariel. The combination of colors makes the whole space flow together perfectly. The thin aluminum black balusters of the railing allow for easy sight lines down to the pool, making the space feel larger and more open while also making the pool very visible from the house.”

Using the renderings and rough dimensions from the Trex AR Deck Visualizer, the Roses worked with the TrexPro® Platinum contractor team at Regan Total Construction to bring all the details to life. Together they designed a multi-tiered deck that extends from a sliding door off the kitchen all the way to the pool.

“The pool area used to be distant and isolated from the deck, so when we had people over it felt like we were hosting two different parties,” Jim shared. “We now have so much more connected space for people to spread out comfortably and safely. And our daughter loves using the two levels as her own personal playground.”

A Backyard Where Every Day Feels Like a Vacation

Since finishing the deck project, the Roses’ backyard has become the go-to destination for gatherings.

“My world traveler cousin said that our new deck space reminds him of a luxury Las Vegas resort pool day club,” added Jim “I can't think of a better way to describe the fun, relaxing, and beautiful destination we were aiming to create for our family and friends.”

The Roses also love the low-maintenance aspect of their new Trex deck. After years of perennial and painstaking sanding, staining and re-finishing, just a quick power washing is all that’s needed to keep the Trex deck boards looking as good as the day they were installed.

The prospect of never having to stain a deck again, together with the inherent scratch and chip resistance, make composite decking a no-brainer. Looking out at our deck and pool area used to be a source of stress for us. Now, every day when we look down at our backyard, it feels like waking up on vacation.” 

Homeowner, Jim Rose

“It truly looks like a pool resort at a fancy hotel. The stress is gone and has been replaced by an excitement about the possibilities for how we can use the space to make memories each day,” shares Jim.

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