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James Judge Upgrades His Outdoor Space with a New Trex® Deck

See how Trex composite decking helped renovator and realtor James Judge turn his pandemic purchase into a true outdoor oasis.

October 10, 2023

Renovator and realtor James Judge (@thehousejudge) recently used Trex Enhance® decking in Toasted Sand to build a new expansive deck at his mountain retreat. 

Known for renovating homes in the Phoenix area, James purchased a secluded ranch in Pine, Arizona, in late 2020 and instantly saw the potential to connect the home to the surrounding nature better. The rear of the house originally had an enclosed storage room that James knew could be put to better use as a spacious new deck.


Embracing the Mountain Lifestyle

On Christmas Eve of 2020, James stumbled on an email in his spam folder that showcased a home with breathtaking mountain views. After spending so much time in lockdown and with so much uncertainty in the world, he found himself drawn to the property. 

Within 24 hours, he was under contract and looking forward to taking in the wooded environment. “The Ranch up in Pine is all about connecting with nature and relaxing,” he explained.

It soon became clear that a new deck would allow James to unwind while soaking in the incredible scenery. But first, he had to build it.

Out With the Old and In with the New

There was no deck at Ridge Trail Ranch. Instead, an oversized storage room was an obstacle to enjoying the outdoors. “The giant storage room was never meant to be there, and it had to go,” said James. It obstructed views, blocked natural light, and prevented stepping right out of the house and directly into its surrounding beauty.

Removing this structure opened a large, perfectly blank canvas to design a deck showcasing the tree-lined, mountain-filled backdrop. Now that he had the space, James was determined to create his dream outdoor living space, but he needed to find the best product for the job.

James researched decking resistant to harsh mountain conditions and decided on Trex Enhance composite decking. “Trex decking resists fading, scratching, and mold...And won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter,” he explained, noting benefits over wood.

The Enhance line also offered the natural appearance James was after. He selected the Toasted Sand option, a soft golden sand shade speckled with bits of dark brown. 

The Enhance boards feature a scalloped profile, which allowed James to keep costs down without sacrificing style or the low maintenance benefits Trex offers. 

“This incredible Trex decking was a perfect fit,” James said.

Taking It All In

James’ finished deck gives him the ideal outdoor sanctuary right at his back door. “Welcome to the outdoors!” he declared while showing off the finished project.

Thanks to its enduring quality, he can unwind and focus on enjoying the sights and sounds of nature for years to come.

Trex Beyond the Backyard

While Trex is a popular choice for backyard decks, it's also perfect for more rugged surroundings. James’ Arizona mountain retreat put Trex to the test in a demanding climate. With temperature extremes, dense forests, and uneven terrain, this was no ordinary residential locale. 

However, Trex Enhance decking is specially engineered to resist fading, rotting, cracking, and growth of mold and mildew, all common downfalls of wood decking in harsh environments. Its longevity and wood-like beauty make Trex an ideal fit not just in suburban neighborhoods but also in Mother Nature’s own territory. Wherever your home lies, Trex has you covered.

Experience the Trex Difference

Let James’ Trex decking experience inspire your own outdoor vision. Discover how composite decking can make time outdoors more enjoyable while standing up to the elements year after year.

Create your personal sanctuary and deepen your connection with nature by exploring Trex decking.

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