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Husband and Wife DIY Team Take on a Total Deck Rebuild

Greg and Julie are proud of their executive-style home, which sits on an acre of land. Most people find it tough to get through just one serious DIY project with their spouse, but Julie and Greg renovated nearly the entire 4250-square-foot interior of their home, describing themselves as "hardcore DIYers." It was only natural that Greg and Julie would design and install their own decking, too. In fact, with four deck installations at previous properties under their belts, Greg and Julie are practically ready to become TrexPro® Builders as a side hustle!

February 17, 2023

This deck rebuild wasn’t just about making the exterior of their much-loved home match the interior. In their own words, "The original deck was rotten, twisted, and ant-infested. Also, the composite decking that was used was of inferior quality." Greg and Julie demolished that existing deck before installing new concrete piers and framing – and that was all before they could even start laying down decking or adding railings and stairs.

Design Choices: Not One Color but Two

Julie and Greg chose Trex Enhance® in Toasted Sand® and Coastal Bluff®, which complement the light brick of their house and create a warm impression. If you’re looking for the perfect style and color of Trex Composite Decking, you can use the Color Selector, Deck Designer.

As seasoned DIY pros who have previously installed decks, Greg and Julie went the traditional route. They drew up plans for their expansive back deck and took them to their local Trex dealer. Using their knowledge of deck building fixtures, they made their selections and ordered their materials. The couple chose to stick with fittings they have used before and are comfortable with. 

If you’re a first-time deck designer or want easy-to-use, unobtrusive fasteners, you may want to use Trex Hidden Fasteners® and accessories along with a Trex® Universal Installation Tool.

Julie and Greg also chose Trex Transcend® railings in Treehouse® along with riser lights for the stairs. They chose Trex over other options for four important reasons: maintenance, colors, ease of installation, and cost. 

Construction: DIY from A to Z

Once the plans were settled and all of the materials were purchased, the couple could begin construction. They started by digging out their pier foundations and pouring the concrete. This was followed by installing the wood substructure. Finally, they installed the Trex decking they had delivered from their local dealer. Following their deck plans, Greg and Julie used the rich Coastal Bluff boards to create a picture frame border with the Coastal Bluff board to add sophistication and accent the Toasted Sand shade used for the majority of the deck. 

As a final touch, the husband and wife team added their railing and lighting. Opting for a neutral brown hue for their railing, they created a cohesive yet visually dynamic feel to the deck. They also installed stair riser lights on the wide staircase to add elegance and wayfinding to the space. 

Finishing Touches and Life With Trex

Once the deck was completed, Greg and Julie added a wide sun shade supported by four wooden posts to create two distinct areas. As Greg puts it, “It is laid out in two distinct rooms, with a border delineating each room.” One side, or room, of the deck is an outdoor living room with rattan sofas, chairs and a coffee table, while the other side is set up for dining. There’s still plenty of room. In fact, the couple keeps their grill on the deck and have added a few large potted plants to create a delightful indoor-outdoor feel.  

The couple takes great pleasure in knowing they built the deck with their own hands – just like they take pleasure in every renovation and DIY project. They also love how it looks. Plus, Greg is over the moon that he doesn’t need to maintain the composite decking. Of course, it’s not all work and no play in the couple’s home or backyard. Greg shares that his favorite memory so far of their Trex decking is “Having dinner with my wife for the first time on the new deck.” Julie and Greg plan to use the deck as often as possible and for as long as the weather permits. They plan to eat breakfast on the deck, looking over their gorgeous backyard through fall. 

Once the winter air sets in, they may be using the deck less, but Greg notes that they won’t have to worry about their Trex decking being damaged, stained, or warped by the weather. So, it looks like Greg and Julie won’t be building their sixth deck anytime soon – unless they’re inspired to add to what they’ve already created. 

Get Started

If you want to create your dream deck with Trex, you don’t have to do it all by yourself if you don't want to! Not everyone is a hardcore DIYer, after all. Wherever you are in the US or Canada, you can find a TrexPro Builder to help you with installation. You can also utilize any of our online tools to plan and design your deck.So, what’s stopping you? Let Greg and Julie’s story inspire your next deck project. 

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