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How to Choose a Deck Color with Carmen Johnston

Carmen Johnston is a renowned garden and outdoor living expert with nearly 20 years of experience designing stunning outdoor spaces. Carmen has been featured in various national publications and on television, including Southern Living, Better Homes & Gardens and the HGTV network. Carmen has vast experience with choosing the perfect composite deck color for any home and shares her top tips on how to choose a deck color to complement your home

March 27, 2023

Three Tips to Choose a Trex Deck Color

1. Use Trex’s Color Selector Tool & Order Samples

To start, Carmen recommends using Trex's Color Selector Tool and ordering samples to get a feel for the vast array of color options available. "First, go online to use the Trex Color Selector, one of their many design tools, to find the perfect color for your outdoor space, and then hop on over to their Deck Designer Tool to create your deck,” she says. “Once you've chosen your top three or four board colors, you can order 12-inch composite samples to match your home's other materials."

2. Test Your Samples 

Next, Carmen suggests testing your samples in different lighting conditions. "My biggest tip when you have the samples in hand is to treat them the way you would paint samples. Hold them up outside near your exterior materials—you want the deck color to complement your existing colors, not compete with them or stand out too much.”

Carmen advises to test the samples at different times of day to see how they look in every light. “I prefer morning, midday, and evening around sunset!,” she says.

3. Consider the Deck’s Surroundings & Environment

Lastly, Carmen recommends considering the deck's surroundings and environment when choosing a color. "Envision your vibe!,” she says. “Look at your surroundings to see what hues you can pull in from nature. Consider the environment, too! This deck is nestled in tall Georgia pines, and the warm color—Spiced Rum—pulls in the dark color of the tree trunks. The burnt umber tones feature onyx lowlights, and the shade is a handsome and seamless choice to pair with the mossy green paint color and rustic wood on the ceiling! Spiced Rum resembles tropical Ipe wood, with a similar realistic vibrancy and grain pattern that is right at home in this woodsy riverfront landscape!"


Deck Color FAQs

Is a dark or light deck better?

"It depends on your personal preference and the surrounding environment,” Carmen says. “Dark colors can create a cozy and intimate feel, while light colors can make a small space feel larger and more open."

What color deck is most popular?

"Neutral tones like grays and browns are always a safe and popular choice, but don't be afraid to add a pop of color if it complements your home's exterior and surroundings,” she says.

Should a deck be painted the same color as a house?

"Not necessarily," Carmen notes. "You can create a cohesive look by choosing colors that complement each other, but a contrasting color can also make a bold statement."

Which deck color is best at hiding dirt?

"Dark colors like black and espresso can hide dirt and stains better than lighter colors, but keep in mind that they can also show scratches and scuffs more easily,” Carmen says.

Pick Your Deck Color Today!

Choosing the perfect deck color can be overwhelming, but with Carmen's tips, you can create an outdoor space that complements your home's exterior and surrounding environment. Don't forget to visit Trex's Color Selector Tool to start designing your dream deck today!

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