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#MyTrexStory: How Trex Partners Gifted an Accessible Outdoor Space to One Deserving Family

Discover how TrexPro deck builder, Blue Star Carpentry, and Trex retailer, No Maintenance Deck and Rail, created a handicap-accessible pool deck for 8-year-old Giussepe at no cost to the family.

December 19, 2022

Meet Giuseppe. This adorable 8-year-old was gifted an above-ground pool to enjoy the summer months, but there was one problem: He needed a pool deck with a wide staircase to enter the pool. Giuseppe's mother, Karissa, got to work sourcing quotes from deck builders in their area. When she walked into Blue Star Carpentry’s showroom, the owners were ecstatic to help this young boy. The Blue Star Carpentry team provided the family with an estimate for the project. After materials and labor, the project totaled around $15,000. Karissa’s face immediately sank. She shared with the owner Kevin Florindo that money was tight after her husband passed about 18 months earlier, so the project would have to go on hold. 

Later that night, Kevin couldn't get Giuseppe out of his mind. "After they told me that it was such an impossibility and the way they left looking totally disheartened. I don't know. I wasn't good with that, and I felt like I had the resources not to let that be." he reflected.

The next day, Kevin called the family and offered to pay for the materials and waive the labor fees. The family was struck by their generosity and quickly accepted the offer of help. Shortly thereafter, Kevin mentioned the project to colleague and Trex dealer Michael Danzilio at No Maintenance Decks while attending a Trex-sponsored event. Inspired by the project, wheels started turning. Michael pondered how he could help, too. By the time the event was over, Michael committed to providing the materials for the project at no charge. With the financials taken care of, it was time to build the deck. 

The deck crew captain was aware of the donation for logistic purposes, but the rest of the crew showed up to the worksite unaware. It wasn't until Giussepe's grandmother thanked them for making this project a reality that they realized the full story. Armed with the knowledge this project was for a family in need, the crew developed an extra passion for the project. Kevin beams, "We got the best guys on earth here, they are a bunch of sweethearts. They took a ton of pictures with the family. It was really nice."

Once the project was completed, Karissa shared pictures and kind messages about how they are loving the new space. Even Giussepe's uncle reached out about his appreciation for what we were able to do for the family. Because of their generosity, Blue Star Carpentry and No Maintenance Decks brought one family an outdoor space they will enjoy for a lifetime. 

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