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9 Trex Backyard Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

Uncover our top 9 ways to incorporate lighting into your outdoor space.

September 07, 2023

With the right backyard lighting, there’s no need to head indoors once the sun dips below the horizon. Instead, you can continue to enjoy your yard, deck, patio, or garden long after daylight fades. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or relaxing outdoors, you can take advantage of a variety of backyard lighting options, including outdoor deck lighting, to create a safe and inviting atmosphere that helps you make the most of your evenings outside.

Join us as we explore nine backyard lighting ideas that can transform your outdoor space, ensuring your adventures extend well into the night.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

When choosing lights for backyard spaces, think about your lighting’s function. If you're looking to add safety to your outdoor space, adding security lighting can make your home less inviting to unwanted guests. Alternatively, path lighting makes navigating walkways easier and safer with a more subtle glow. For homeowners interested in adding ambiance to their space, string lighting is a great option.

Deck lighting is another type of outdoor lighting that is both functional and decorative. Depending on placement, deck lighting can help make it easier to safely get around a deck’s steps, levels, and furniture or accentuate nearby focal points. 

The beauty of outdoor lighting is its versatility. Add a single type of lighting to your space or mix and match lighting types to create a space tailored to your personal taste and preferences.

Outdoor Lighting Trends for Your Backyard

If you’re ready to illuminate your outdoor space, consider the top outdoor lighting ideas and trends inspired by popular architecture, technological advancements, and top design influencers:

  • Portable lighting: Versatile LED wireless lamps in various shapes. These often offer programmable features.
  • High-end fixtures: Stylish porch lanterns, sconces, and overhead fixtures that can enhance your home's architecture.
  • Solar lighting: Solar lights offer the benefits of traditional outdoor lighting without the electric bill or the hassle of wiring. 
  • Color-changing lights: Options ranging from bulbs to fixtures that allow you to illuminate your yard in various hues, often controllable through remote or app.
  • Moonlighting: Downward-facing flood lights placed high in trees to mimic natural moonlight.
  • Dark sky lighting: Shielded lights with minimal blue light, reducing light pollution and promoting a healthier environment for humans and wildlife.
  • Hardscape lighting: Integration of lighting into permanent outdoor structures like outdoor kitchens and fireplaces to emphasize focal points.

9 Backyard Lighting Ideas

Deck Lighting

Deck lighting ensures safe navigation and prevents tripping hazards when enjoying your deck after sunset. These types of outdoor lighting components can be placed along the perimeter, on stair steps, and along railings, enhancing safety and the deck area's overall aesthetic.

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Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting offers a versatile way to set the mood and accentuate features in your outdoor space. It encourages creativity and provides numerous DIY options. 

For example, hanging rope lights beneath a deck railing or along a retaining wall can define the area with a subtle glow and even offer a variety of colors. If you have a water feature or pool, lighting it up creates a captivating glow as the water reflects the light.

Chromatic Lighting

Color-changing lights are a common trend spotting up around rooftops that allow homeowners to easily change colors to coincide with holidays, cultural causes, or their personal preferences. Since color-changing lights are typically controlled by an app or remote, you can say goodbye to the hassle and dangers of ladders and clips, especially during cold and snowy weather.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is an excellent way to illuminate walkways in your outdoor space, enhancing safety and adding visual appeal. Stake lights are an easy option, while low-voltage kits often feature timers or motion sensors. 

If you’re looking for unique backyard lighting ideas, consider downlighting from trees to create shadow patterns resembling moonlight. Lights can also be added to staircases and railings for added visibility and aesthetics.

Portable Lighting

When it comes to portable backyard lighting, candles and traditional lanterns aren’t your only options. Instead, explore LED wireless lamps in various sizes and shapes, such as cubes, globes, and oval river rocks. 

Many of these lights are equipped with smart technology, allowing you to customize settings like timing, color, and brightness. Waterproof and versatile, they can also be placed poolside or in water features.

Solar Lighting

Solar lights can edge paths, illuminate patios, and enhance landscaping. They are often suitable for use as spotlights as well. Solar lights offer several benefits, from energy savings to automatic operations. Additionally, since solar lights don’t require an outdoor outlet, they can be placed almost anywhere on your deck or outdoor space that’s in need of additional lighting. Just keep in mind that solar lights only work in open areas that receive plenty of sunlight.

String Lighting

String lights provide soft, low-voltage accent lighting. If you’re looking for ambient outdoor lighting ideas for backyard spaces, try hanging them like a curtain from trees or outside walls to make a dramatic statement. Also, look for waterproof and rechargeable options for easy installation without the need for extension cords or electrical outlets.


Lanterns are an ideal choice for soft, low-voltage accent lighting. They create a warm and inviting ambiance, whether installed on outdoor walls or as battery-powered tabletop lanterns. Opt for lanterns with translucent glass coverings to provide lighting that complements other backyard light fixtures without distraction.

Pergola Lighting

If you’re wondering how to light up backyard spaces with pergolas, here’s a simple solution. Choose string lights, lanterns, built-in lighting, recessed deck lights or even candles to create a cozy and inviting ambiance for evening gatherings.

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As the sun sets, help your outdoor space come to life with the enchanting glow and ambiance of outdoor lighting. You can extend your daytime activities well into the evening hours and create a safer and more relaxed environment for your family and guests.

Whether you incorporate lanterns, string lights, pergola lighting, or solar lights, the possibilities are endless. Shop the Trex Outdoor Lighting Collection and enhance your outdoor living experience.


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