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A fence is a fence until you install Trex® Fencing™. Wood, chain link, and even vinyl all provide some benefits of privacy or security, but they won’t provide the pleasing aesthetics in the creative shadow lines and stately look of Trex. The big secret, though, is that Trex isn’t just a beautiful fence. With the strength afforded by dense material and thick components, and the low-maintenance attributes of our composite, Trex steps up past functionality and aesthetics to a durability unmatched by other fences.

December 12, 2022
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Trex Fencing Transforms Backyards

Complement your landscaping with a beautiful backdrop.

Picture Perfect

Think of fencing as a picture frame and your landscaping as a canvas filled with interesting features and beautiful imagery. Your investment in your backyard masterpiece deserves to be framed in elegance.

Contemporary Design in Fencing

A variation to the unique look of a Trex Fence.

Expand your horizons with an artistic flair

Current designs in architecture have trended toward horizontal lines in the last several years. There are several aspects of horizontal lines for consideration when deciding between the traditional look of Seclusions or the horizontal lines of Horizons or Horizontal. The horizontal designs of Trex Fencing create the impression of expanded space, tie into other themes where horizontal elements exist, and create a bold statement where the fence serves as a strong artistic element on the property.

Horizontal lines create peace

Horizontal lines aren’t just interesting to look at. They also can provide a sense of wellness and relaxation. Horizontal fencing creates the impression of objects at rest and a peaceful horizon. Horizontal fencing also draws the eye across a space, which is a wonderful way to call attention to beautiful landscaping features.

Horizons or Horizontal?

We offer two variations of horizontal fencing. Horizons has a sleek, urban look that shows a black metal frame surrounding the field of horizontally interlocked Trex pickets. This is the perfect fence for a bold modern statement. Horizontal combines the traditional elements of Seclusions with the horizontal look of Horizons. With Horizontal, a composite top and bottom rail hide the metal frame giving the fence a more uniform composite material.

Come Together in Your Outdoor Living Space

Be present with your people in privacy and relaxation

Your outdoor experience, protected and secure

A privacy fence should serve the basic purposes of seclusion and security. Traditional wood fencing has the unfortunate downside of losing privacy over time from bowing boards, gaps created by shrinking pickets, or knotty holes. Trex maintains privacy throughout its life with its unique interlocking picket system and long-lasting material. If you need a private space on your property, there’s no better way to do it than with Trex.

It gets even better

Once you have secured your space with Trex, you will start to realize the long-term benefits of the fence. Do you remember how you had to strip and paint your old wood fence? Or, if you had a vinyl fence for a few years, did you notice how easily the material breaks? After a few years with Trex, you will realize how much time and money you’ve saved while enjoying your backyard oasis. An outdoor living space is an investment in yourself and your people. Create the space of your dreams and protect it beautifully with Trex.

Your Outdoor Living Space, Designed by Trex

Build your dream space with products from the outdoor building materials experts

The Full Experience

Whether you already have a Trex deck, pergola or railing, a Trex fence is the perfect product to tie your backyard together in one cohesive theme. Like our other products, the design for Trex Fencing came to fruition with thoughtful consideration. The fence had to be functional, but it had to look elegant. It needed to be distinct, but it needed to have the familiar low-maintenance benefits of other Trex products. And, it needed to last at least a generation without looking like a wall or other heavy structure.

We’ve been at this for a while. No other outdoor building materials manufacturer has been in business as long as Trex. We’ve innovated year after year, not just watching market trends and predicting the needs of consumers, but also developing new products that changed the way we all experience our properties. That’s precisely why Trex launched our fencing line in 2005. Consumers were rapidly adopting our decking products because they wanted a natural looking low-maintenance alternative to wood. It became clear quickly that consumers were looking for alternatives to wood in fencing as well. It’s no surprise that many customers that have had a Trex deck installed are also upgrading to our fencing. 

Complementary colors and styles

Combine our three fencing colors and one of our three styles of fence with the options available in our decking and railing lines. Need some advice? Compare the colors of our decking boards with the fence options.

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