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Cool Down With This Summer’s Hottest Trend: The Plunge Pool

We’re diving into the hottest trend in outdoor living this summer: Plunge Pools! 

September 15, 2022

What is a plunge pool? 

A plunge pool is a small, shallow pool designed for dipping as opposed to swimming. 

Why are plunge pools rising in popularity?

They’re less expensive, take up minimal backyard real estate, and are fun and restorative.

Because installers aren’t required to dig as deep as they do with larger traditional swimming pools, these water features require less labor, liner, and water. Plunge pools, which come in all shapes and sizes, take up smaller spaces in the backyard, leaving room for outdoor zones for fire pits, cooking, and playtime. Plunge pools, often referred to as “cocktail pools,” are the perfect spot for homeowners to sip on a drink while cooling off, fitting our growing need to seek restoration and renewal at home.

Whether you love this concept or remain loyal to the traditional swimming pool, there is no denying that this is one of the coolest trends in outdoor spaces this summer.

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