Trex® Responsible Manufacturing

We transform waste materials into durable and attractive decking through efficient manufacturing processes that minimize energy, waste and water use. When we invest in new facilities, we seize the opportunity to build in our sustainability principles — for example at our new facility in Little Rock, AR.

How We Operate

Energy and Emissions

We design Trex facilities to run efficiently with a focus on installing the best available energy-saving equipment. We extend this focus to transport, selecting efficient trucking logistics, reducing truck idling time and using rail where possible.

Waste and Recycling

We minimize waste at the source and recycle nearly all our scrap and plastic packaging back into the manufacturing process for our composite decking.

Water Use

Water is a precious resource to be conserved and protected from pollution. We use closed-loop recirculation systems at our facilities, recycling 99% of the process water we use.

reduction in our energy use compared to 2022.
tons of non-hazardous waste recycled in 2023.
gallons of process water recycled at our manufacturing facilities in 2023.
decrease in our non-hazardous waste disposed compared to 2022.


We take steps to protect the ecosystems surrounding our sites from pollution or degradation. At our new facility in Little Rock, AR, we are maintaining 12 acres of wetlands to protect the nearby ecosystem. Because our decking is an alternative to traditional wood decking, Trex helps to reduce the impact of commercial forestry.

Seeing More Value in Sustainability

Discover our environmental program in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Explore Our Report

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