Trex Hideaway® Clips

Crafted specifically for Trex decking, Trex Hideaway® Clips offer a strong and seamless connection for a secure installation, every time.

Meticulously researched, expertly crafted.

Compatible with grooved Trex Decking boards, clips offer a flawless look across your entire deck with no visible fasteners on the walking surface.

Exclusively Trex

Engineered specifically for
Trex decks.

Easy Installation

Simplified and quick installation that saves time and labor.

Unparalleled Aesthetics

Delivers a seamless topside for a sleek appearance.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Allows for easy board lifting if access is needed.

Trex Clips

Designed to be easy to use for novice and experienced deck builders alike.

When Trex has your back, every install is worry-free.

How to Fasten Trex Enhance Decking
1How to Fasten Trex Enhance® Decking

Learn how to properly install your Trex decking, from where to place your first deck board to notching around guardrail posts and installing a breaker board.

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How to Install a Butt Joint/Seam
2How to Install a Butt Joint/Seam with the Trex Hideaway® Butt Joint Clip

Discover how the Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip makes installing butt joints/seams on decks easier, saving you time and materials in the process.

View Guide

Everything you need to install your Trex composite decking with clips.


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