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Michigan TrexPro Aims to Build Unforgettable Homeowner Experiences

May 03, 2022

When asked what inspired Phil Black, the founder of Custom Deck Creations in Southeast Michigan, to start a career in deck building, his answer was heartwarming: "to truly help homeowners love their home.”

But Phil and his team didn't want to only run a successful deck-building business - their goal was to exceed the client's expectations in every way.

"We saw an opportunity in the market to offer an unforgettable client experience, to break the general connotation contractors have," Phil says.

The team at Custom Deck Creations sought to set a new standard in the industry by:

  • Prioritizing communication with clients throughout the entire project. Responding to calls and emails within one business day.
  • Clearly explaining their processes and answering every question.
  • Diving into the details and designing a deck that's truly custom-made for each client.
  • Making the entire process as hassle-free as possible by handling all of the paperwork, permits, and inspections.

While good communication and attentiveness are key to their service, the quality of work is also a critical factor. "And that's why all we do is specialize in Trex composite decks," Phil explains.

Trex Partnership

The team at Custom Deck Creations has built more than 300 decks since the company's beginning in 2017. And from the start, they've been using Trex products to get the job done.

We asked Phil about his team’s experience using Trex.

Q: Tell us why Trex decking is the best material choice for a deck?

"We have a lot to say about why we think Trex is the best. So, I'm going to break it down into some major buckets.”


First off, the core is made from recycled material. And we love supporting a manufacturer who has the environment in mind. And because the Trex cap is actually molded to the board during manufacturing, that sets it apart too. We've seen instances with other products where the cap separates from the core of the board.

Also, the extensive in-house testing Trex boards undergo is impressive. Things like UV testing, heat testing, scratch testing, pressure testing, checking that the boards are the proper size within specs, the cap meets a minimum thickness, etc. We can trust that the decks we build will last for decades.


One of our favorite benefits about Trex decking is it keeps its color and doesn't fade. Also, the fact that Trex won't chemically react to many common items is very beneficial. Especially with products like bug spray or sunscreen, which are used a lot during the summer. Whereas with some PVC boards, water and rubber can react and result in an unwanted haze. That doesn’t happen with Trex.


Trex stands behind its warranty! While we haven't been part of many claims, when there has been one our Trex rep has always done a great job supporting us as a local builder.

Q: What characteristics or benefits of Trex decking do your homeowners appreciate most?

We love seeing how happy homeowners are at the end of the project. And there are a few benefits that stand out that our clients say they love the most:

  • The 25-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • The variety of colors. And especially the black streaking in some boards that make each one look different across a finished deck.
  • That the decking is stain and fade resistant.

Featured Project

One of Custom Deck Creations’ favorite projects was built in 2021 in South Lyon, MI.

Q: How long did this project take to complete?

A: Designing this particular project took about a week. It included an in-person consultation and multiple follow-up meetings to get everything perfect. The actual building process took two weeks.

Q: Why did you or the homeowners choose Trex for this project?

A: We exclusively use Trex on all of our projects, and the homeowners were right on board with us! They loved the idea of having a durable and low-maintenance deck. And if that wasn't enough to sell them, the stunning look of the Trex Signature Rod Rail did the trick!

Q: What were the homeowner's goals for this project & how did you help achieve them?

A: We start every project by gaining an understanding of our client. Why are they building a deck, and what do they want to get out of it? An important piece of designing a deck a client will love is first learning how they plan on using the space, find out what they’re envisioning for their backyard. For this particular project, the homeowners wanted to create a beautiful, large area for entertaining.

Our clients were planning on having a lot of friends and family over, so we wanted to make sure their deck was functional and had style. The design we chose for the deck followed the contours of the home. We also created a dedicated cooking area and conversation space. That way, when they had a lot of guests over, it wouldn't feel too crowded or cluttered.

And, of course, there had to be a ‘wow’ factor! That was the Signature Rod Rail, which also happened to be my favorite product we used on this build.

Q: What are you most proud of concerning this project?

A: The entire team is super proud of this project. We checked all of the boxes on our client's list of design goals and created a wonderful experience for them from start to finish. And it's very rewarding seeing the homeowners walk out onto their new deck and have it feel like an extension of their home.


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