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Let's Talk Trex: Q&A With OnDeck Construction

TrexPro Platinum builders are the leading experts in Trex® products. Because of their ability and expertise to design and build outdoor spaces ranging from simple to complex, they have achieved the highest level of recognition from Trex. There are more than 350 TrexPro Platinum builders across the U.S. and Canada. We check in with them from time to time to find out what's trending in outdoor living in their neck of the woods. Meet Zach Burnop, owner of OnDeck Construction in Newland, N.C.

May 12, 2021

How many years have you been in the decking business?

Two years, serving Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.

Why did you choose a career in deck building?

I have always done some type of construction work with my father. I've always loved working with my hands and being outside. I noticed that no one in my area specialized in custom decks or deck building at all. I saw an opportunity and jumped on it whole-heartedly.

How many years have you been using Trex products?

Two years.

Estimate the number of decks you've built in your lifetime?


What characteristics of Trex decking do your homeowners appreciate most?

Low maintenancewarrantycolor variations and the overall quality of the #1 decking brand in the world.

How long did this project (pictured) take to complete?

One month.

Why did you choose Trex for this project? 

I only offer the BEST composite decking products to my clients. And that is Trex!

What are you most proud of on this project?

The excitement and glow on the clients' faces once we finished the job.

What were the homeowner's goals for this project and how did you help achieve them?

They wanted a deck that was low maintenance and something that could handle a lot of foot traffic. Also they wanted to use the existing framing, so we installed Trex® Protect™ Joist and Beam Tape to extend the life of the current framing. The existing deck was only eight feet wide and the owners needed a better solution to accommodate more people and extra room for furniture. In response to their request, we designed a deck remodel that gave the homeowner's an extra 500 square feet of outdoor living space plus a bonus deck for an outdoor spa (underneath).

What is your favorite Trex product used on this build?

To be honest, I can't pick a favorite, however, the post wedge lights we used offered a warm and inviting space that complemented the magnificent mountain back drop.

How can Trex make life easier?

Send me some workers, haha. We are already booked up with Trex deck (projects) for another year!


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