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How Trex Makes DIY Deck Railing Easy

Discover the top ways to simplify your deck railing ordering and installation with Trex.

May 22, 2024
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Simplifying DIY Deck Railing with Trex

Planning your deck involves hundreds of decisions, big and small, and it's easy to overlook the importance of picking the right railing even though it's actually one of the key elements that defines both style and safety. Maybe you've already settled on your railing choice or are still evaluating your options with some expert help.

As you approach the final stages of your project, the focus shifts to ordering and installing your new railing. At Trex, we prioritize simplicity and hassle-free experiences. So, let's explore how we can streamline the ordering process and make installation as easy as possible.

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DIY Deck Railing Kits

Ordering railing components can be overwhelming, but our Railing Kits are designed to demystify the ordering process. Available in our most popular railing styles and colors*, these kits include everything you need between the posts, such as top and bottom railings, balusters, and an accessory kit.** All you need to do is add the post cap, sleeve, and skirts in the color and material you want to complete the look. With a kit, you can feel confident you will have everything you need on build day, reducing the risk of making any last-minute trips to the store.

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Pre-Assembled Deck Railing Panels

Want to cut your installation time in half? Look no further than our pre-assembled deck railing panels, available for one of our most popular styles, Trex Signature Aluminum railing. We take care of assembling the balusters to the top and bottom rails for you. All you need to do is install the posts and attach the pre-assembled panel. For detailed instructions, check out our how-to guide on Trex Academy.

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Full-Span Deck Railing

Understanding railing span doesn't have to be complicated. Full-span railing refers to measurements from post-to-post, while on-center railing extends the full span between two posts plus enough to reach the center of each post. For DIYers, we recommend full-span railing systems for simpler calculations, measuring, and installation. That's why all Trex railing systems are exclusively measured at full-span.

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Deck Railing Templates

Avoid installation errors with our deck railing templates. Simply snap them onto the post and drill where indicated for the railing brackets. Available for Trex Signature aluminum and composite posts, as well as Trex Transcend composite posts. Don't worry if your railing choice doesn't offer a template; our other railing lines either have pre-mounted brackets or don't require them to make installation as straightforward as possible.

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Shop Trex Railing

Feeling confident? It's time to choose the railing that matches your style and skill level. Check out our range of Trex railings to elevate your outdoor space. With Trex, DIY deck railing has never been easier. From pre-assembled panels to convenient kits and helpful templates, we're here to support you every step of the way.

*Railing kits are available for all Signature and Select railing colors, Transcend railings in Charcoal Black, Classic White, and Vintage Lantern, featuring matching square composite balusters. Additionally, Transcend Charcoal Black railings are available with matching round aluminum balusters.

**Infill kits for glass and mesh railings are sold separately.


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