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How to Bring the Cottagecore Aesthetic to Your Outdoor Space

Love the cottagecore style? Learn how to extend this serene aesthetic to your outdoor space with Trex.

August 03, 2023

The cottagecore aesthetic has become increasingly popular among homeowners seeking peace and serenity amid the fast pace of modern living. As a nostalgic nod to the countryside, it has gained popularity for its emphasis on simplicity, nature, and rustic charm.

While this aesthetic is often associated with interior design, it can be beautifully extended to your outdoor space as well, allowing you to create a picturesque cottagecore escape right in your backyard.

The Makings of a Cottagecore Home

Cottagecore emerged in the 2010s and was inspired by a combination of historical influences including the Victorian era, Arts and Crafts movement, and the 1970s. The aesthetic evokes tranquility, simplicity, and an idyllic charm of bygone rural living.

Some defining elements of the cottagecore movement include:

  • Natural materials like wood and wicker

  • Vintage-inspired decor

  • Floral patterns

  • Cozy textiles

  • Handmade crafts

  • Delicate china

  • Lush greenery

Are you feeling inspired yet? Let’s move on to our eight simple yet delightful ways to add a cottagecore vibe to your outdoor haven.

8 Cottagecore Trends for Outdoor Spaces

1. Embrace Natural Materials

To infuse your outdoor space with the cottagecore aesthetic, opt for furniture made of natural materials like wood. Consider adding rocking chairs, Trex Adirondack ® chairs, or a cozy wooden swing to your deck or patio. Using natural fiber rugs or straw mats can also add a rustic touch and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

2. Invite Nature onto Your Deck

Cottagecore celebrates and invites all things nature. Install a quaint birdhouse or bird feeder to attract colorful winged visitors to your deck. Opt for a hanging bird feeder suspended from a bracket attached to the deck’s overhang or choose a deck-mounted design. Hang vintage-inspired wind chimes or incorporate a charming garden trellis adorned with climbing flowers like roses or ivy to add a touch of privacy and romance to your cottagecore escape.

3. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Deck or patio corners make for ideal reading nooks, set up with comfortable seating area, plush cushions and blankets. Consider placing a small bookshelf nearby, filled with classic literature or nature-inspired books. Add potted plants and flowers to create a calming and inviting atmosphere.

4. Fairy Lights and Lanterns

Hang strings of twinkling fairy lights around your deck or patio to let the magic of cottagecore come alive after sunset. Use lanterns with flickering candles for a more vintage touch, perfect for evenings spent under the stars.

5. Enchanting Floral Displays

Nothing embodies the cottagecore aesthetic more than a bountiful display of flowers. Plant various cottage garden favorites such as lavender, peonies, daisies, or hydrangeas. Incorporating hanging baskets or flower boxes along your deck can add vertical interest and enhance the cottagecore ambiance.

6. Herb and Vegetable Garden

Flex your green thumb even more by integrating an herb and vegetable garden into your outdoor space. Designate a section of your backyard for growing herbs and vegetables, allowing you to connect with the earth and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Build a raised garden bed with Trex Transcend® Decking or use rustic containers such as wooden barrels or vintage pots for planting.

7. Whimsical Deck Decor

To infuse your deck with a touch of nostalgia, hang vintage-inspired signs from the upper railing with quotes or sayings related to nature or the countryside. Place rustic lanterns or antique garden tools as decorative accents in the seating area, adding character and charm to your cottagecore haven. Consider using sculptures or garden gnomes as charming but practical door stoppers.

8. Rustic Dining Area

Create a picturesque cottagecore-inspired outdoor dining space on your deck or patio. Opt for a wooden table and chairs and use vintage tableware to enhance the nostalgic vibe. Add a Trex Pergola or canopy adorned with climbing vines or fairy lights for shade and ambiance, transforming your dining area into a captivating retreat.

Make Cottagecore Beautiful and Sustainable with Trex

You can create your own idyllic cottagecore escape right in your backyard by embracing the beauty of natural materials, enchanting floral displays, and whimsical garden features.

For sustainable and beautiful outdoor products, explore Trex's Outdoor Products to enhance your cottagecore oasis with long-lasting beauty and eco-friendly materials.

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