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Ed's Testimonial: The Journey to a Beautiful Rooftop Deck in Wilmington, Delaware

Discover how Ed Friedman, the owner of a three-story property in Wilmington, DE, transformed his deteriorating wooden roof deck into a stunning and durable outdoor living space using Trex composite decking.

July 17, 2023

Ed Friedman owns a three-story property divided to accommodate three sets of tenants in the historic heart of Wilmington, DE. The third-story apartment came with a wooden roof deck that had rotted and degraded over the years. Ed needed a solution that would expand living space in the one-bedroom apartment and add beauty and value to his property. He found that solution in Trex.

A rooftop deck is a great way to maximize living space and, for people living in apartments and condominiums, a solution to providing much-appreciated access to the outdoors. But building a roof deck is a complex project, often requiring the assistance of a knowledgeable and trustworthy contractor. 

During his initial planning phase, Ed spotted a Trex brochure at his local Lowe’s store and loved what he saw. When Ed visited Trex’s website, he was impressed by the 50-year warranty that came with Trex Transcend® decking and its durable, low-maintenance qualities. Made from 95% reclaimed sawdust and plastic film, Trex decking seemed the smart choice to rebuild his rotting wooden deck.

While no stranger to do-it-yourself projects, Ed was keenly aware of his limits. He wanted to ensure the deck was built safely, swiftly, and on budget. A 5/12 pitched slope added to the complexity of the project.

Hiring an experienced contractor was important to Ed. After reviewing his Trex decking samples and choosing Transcend, the best-selling composite decking in the industry, Ed reached out to John Hodge of Hodge Builders Inc, a local firm with a good reputation. John was already familiar with Trex and wasn’t intimidated by the project’s challenges.

Leveling out the slanted roof was the first task. Once levelers were installed and the deck’s frame was built, contractors surfaced the substructure with Transcend decking in Tiki Torch, a brown board featuring hints of nutmeg and ginger designed to mimic tropical teak. Ed complimented the decking with white railing and black balusters that stand out beautifully against the decking. They also frame the views of downtown Wilmington to great effect. The whole deck came together to create what Ed describes as a “luxurious new outdoor living space.”

Ed is genuinely excited to see how his tenants use this new extension of their space. He thinks it would be great for stargazing and entertaining and hopes everyone who lives in the apartment loves it as much as he enjoyed bringing his vision to life. That seems likely, as the city inspector tasked with signing off on the build told Ed he “never saw a finer deck in the city.” High praise indeed, as well as proof that hiring a talented deck contractor goes a long way to ensuring a successful building project.

Ed’s vision combined with talented construction expertise made for an outdoor space that increased property value and years of memory-making for this property owner and his lucky tenants.


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