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Trex Hideaway Collection: The Best Fasteners for Trex Composite Decking

When you want a deck that delivers strength, longevity, and beauty in your outdoor space, choose the Trex Hideaway® Collection - the first-of-its-kind comprehensive fastening solution made by Trex for Trex.

April 08, 2024

With a comprehensive range of composite decking and fascia fasteners, this collection includes matching components built for the job, whatever the build. Backed by the same warranty as the Trex boards themselves, this collection is designed to hide away everything but the beauty of a Trex deck.

What is a Composite Deck Fastener?

A composite deck fastener is a critical component to ensure the stability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal of a composite deck. It serves as the connecting element between the deck boards and the underlying structure. Trex now offers a diverse range of composite decking fasteners - clips, plug systems, and color-match screws - catering to installation preferences and deck designs.

Why Use Composite Deck Fasteners?

Choosing the correct deck fasteners is not just a matter of practicality; it's a decision that significantly influences the longevity and aesthetics of a deck. These fasteners are meticulously engineered to complement the characteristics of composite decking materials for a seamless integration.

Using Trex composite deck fasteners can preserve the deck's structural integrity and aesthetic beauty over time. Whether it's the discreet and efficient Clips providing a clean, unblemished surface, or Color-matched Screws for a polished appearance, Trex fasteners are tailored to elevate the performance and visual appeal of your composite deck. The result is a deck that not only withstands the test of time but also exudes a timeless and enduring beauty.

How are Composite Decks Different from Wood Deck Installations?

Composite decks are engineered to resist the challenges that wood decks face, such as rotting, warping, and insect damage. Choosing Trex composite decking and fasteners from the Trex Hideaway® Collection results in a low-maintenance, durable surface that doesn't require staining, sealing, or regular upkeep.

The installation process is another area where composite decks diverge from their wood counterparts. Composite decking fasteners are engineered to work harmoniously with the specific characteristics of composite materials. Wood fasteners, for instance, will “mushroom” composite material, leaving an undesirable finish. The head of a wood fastener is not designed to remove material away, which results in mushrooming.

Wood deck installations also involve visible screws or nails, which detract from the overall aesthetic, and also require more maintenance over time.

Which Fastener is Best for Your Composite Deck?

Choosing the right deck fasteners is a crucial step toward a successful installation and durable, long-lasting beauty. To make an informed decision, consider the characteristics of your dream deck and the fastening solution that can deliver that vision. Whether you prioritize the discreet functionality of deck clips for composite decking, the traditional appearance of Color-matched Screws, or the clean finish provided by Deck Plugs, Trex has the solution.

Fastener Options from Trex Hideaway Collection

The Trex Hideaway Fastener Collection stands as a comprehensive and versatile solution, offering the technology and tools needed for a seamless composite deck installation. Every component within the collection is engineered to complement specific deck board profiles, providing not only structural integrity but also a polished aesthetic. With a commitment to innovation, Trex has curated a composite decking fastening system that simplifies the building process, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Universal Hidden Fastener Clips

Designed for a seamless and efficient composite deck installation, this clip-style fastener simplifies the process of securing grooved deck boards to a substructure. We recommend pairing these with plugs or screws to complete your border boards and stairs. Ideal for use with various Trex decking lines, composite decking hidden fasteners ensure a secure and hidden attachment, contributing to an unblemished deck surface. 

For projects involving a steel substructure, Trex offers the Hideaway Steel Framing Hidden Fastener Clips, which serve the same function as the Universal Hidden Fastener Clips but are specifically designed to work with the unique requirements of steel-framed decks. These clips provide a secure and efficient fastening solution, ensuring the durability and longevity of the composite deck while accommodating the structural nuances of steel substructures.

Butt Joint Clip

The Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clip goes beyond function, these clips ensure that adjoining deck boards come together cleanly, resulting in a visually pleasing appearance that improves the overall look of your outdoor space. Whether you’re enjoying the clean lines from a distance or walking across the smooth surface, the aesthetic benefits of Trex Hideaway Butt Joint Clips leave a lasting impression.

Installing a butt joint correctly without the Trex Hideaway Butt Join Clip requires four hidden fastener clips and extra blocking on the joist. To save time and effort, Trex developed a solution that requires only one clip on each side of the abutting deck boards. Elevate the structural integrity and appearance of your deck effortlessly with the reliable support of new innovative composite butt joint clip.

Color-Match Composite Deck Screws

Designed to complement the diverse color palette of Trex composite decking, these screws are carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with all Trex decking. Trex Color-Match Composite Deck Screws are the ideal choice for those who don’t want to compromise the visual unity of their outdoor space. 

The screws come with a patented HEXSTIX® drive bit that ensures easy and reliable installation. The drive bit, specifically tailored for Trex Composite Deck Screws, adds an extra layer of precision to the installation by creating a perfect fit between the bit and the fastener. Less wobble and stronger engagement means an easier to install fastener.


Color-Match Composite Fascia Screws

Purposefully designed to blend with the varied hues of composite fascia boards, these screws offer a reliable fastening solution that maintains the dimensional integrity of the fascia. Trex Color-Match Composite Fascia Screws are the go-to composite decking fasteners when you want to ensure a secure attachment while preserving the aesthetic continuity of your fascia boards. 

To ensure correct installation, a specific drive bit and counterbore are required. This specialized tooling offers a precise and professional installation for your composite fascia boards. This system creates a “floating” effect decoupling the fascia and the wood behind, helping to prevent warping and deflection of the fascia. 

Deck Plugs

An innovative solution from the same shellstock, embossing rolls, and pigments used to create Trex decking, these unique patent-pending collated plugs create an impeccable color and texture match to Trex deck boards. Trex Deck Plugs are especially valuable when you desire a smooth finish without visible screw heads, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your composite deck.

These Trex plugs stand out by blending in with all Trex decking, including scalloped Enhance® deck boards. To install these plugs correctly, specific Trex Hideaway tools, like the Counterbore and Depth Setter, are required. These tools are specific to the deck board collection being used. The patent-pending depth setter guarantees the plugs are driven to the exact depth needed to install a plug over the fastener head. The Enhance plug system utilizes a patented Counterbore tool that makes way for a wide-head fastener that ensures a secure installation regardless of where on the board it is installed. This unique combination of tools makes the Trex Deck Plug Systems versatile and user-friendly option for those seeking a flawless finish and a safe installation of their Trex composite deck.

Fascia Plugs

Fascia Plugs, when paired with essential tools – including the Depth Setter and Counterbore – guarantee a secure and visually appealing finish for your fascia boards. This meticulous combination of components not only provides a seamless installation but also contributes to the overall clean look of your composite fascia, enhancing the aesthetic charm of your outdoor space. 

Built with compatibility in mind, these plugs are installed in 3 easy steps to create a fastener-free finish where you want it most. The plugs’ design offers effortless plug removal from the collated strip, free from twisting and evenly spaced to hammer directly into place. Trust in the precision of this comprehensive solution to enhance the beauty and longevity of your fascia boards with ease.

Use Trex’s Hideaway Collection for Your Next Project

The Trex Hideaway Collection stands as the ultimate decking solution, offering a versatile range of visible and invisible fasteners, clips, plugs, and screws, providing not just practicality but an aesthetic excellence that ensures a secure and beautiful composite deck installation.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, explore the Trex Hideaway Collection for your next project and experience the seamless integration and enduring beauty it brings to every composite deck. And just like every Trex product, the Hideaway Collection comes with access to expert resources, guidance and professionals, empowering you to create a deck that stands the test of time. 

Ready for a fastener-free look on your deck?

Explore the Trex Hideaway® Collection and find the right fastener solution for your next deck. 

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