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Before & After: Trex Deck Remodel with Rocky Harbor

Transform and remodel your wood deck with composite decking. See before & after pictures of a deck remodel and learn the benefits of Trex decking today.

April 07, 2023

The traditional wood deck at this wood-paneled home was once beautiful but, as pictures show, eventually its best days were behind it. Over time, stairs bowed and bent, boards splintered, and the entire deck was in desperate need of repair.

The homeowners chose to refresh their outdoor space with Trex Enhance® composite decking in the shade Rocky Harbor. The results speak for themselves.

Before and after video depict the new deck’s sleek, modern design. Rocky Harbor’s contemporary hue brightens up the three-level space and brings all the benefits Trex offers that wood lacks. Trex decking provides a low-maintenance approach to outdoor living. Known for its durability - Trex decking won’t splinter, warp, fade or rot, and never needs staining or painting - Enhance also is backed by a 25-year warranty, meaning these homeowners can feel confident their Trex deck will perform far longer than their old wood deck.

Many Trex deck owners think of their space as an extra room in (or rather outside of) their house. Check out how this deck remodel transformed the outdoor eyesore into an outdoor living oasis.

Before and After Decking: Why Remodel Your Deck With Trex Decking?

So, you're looking for your own before and after decking glow-up. But why Trex decking over other options? 

Trex composite decking is durable, long-lasting, and easy to care for - all it needs is a simple soap and water wash to clean it up for the season. It's also scratch-resistant and comes in myriad colors and price points that allow homeowners to design a deck that reflects their own unique style. 

While Trex Enhance decking is slightly more expensive than pressure-treated wood on day one, it lasts longer and requires far less upkeep over time. Over the lifetime of a deck, a Trex deck will save time and money compared to a wood deck. Why? Because wood deck boards rot, splinter, stain and mold,  and termites love wood. Wood decks also need regular upkeep, including sanding and sealing - which can become expensive and time-consuming.

Trex Decking Benefits

Trex decking comes with a whole host of undeniable benefits over wood options. Some are obvious (see the deck before-and-after video), but some features aren't as obvious. Let's take a closer look at each of them. 


Trex composite decking is available in four collections: Enhance®, Select®Transcend®, and Transcend® Lineage™. Each decking line offers a variety of nature-inspired colors designed to complement or match your home. If design flexibility is your priority, Trex decking is the product for you.


Trex decking is highly durable, especially when compared to wood. Designed to outlast the elements, Trex decking won't fade, warp, or splinter come scorching sun or harsh winters. Plus, mold, insects, and rot don't stand a chance against the Trex proprietary shell technology used on every board. 


Trex decking is made from 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust. Since Trex's inception nearly 30 years ago, the company has diverted nearly 5 billion pounds of plastic film waste from landfills and turned it into something beautiful.


While a well-cared-for wood deck can last around 20 years, Trex lasts longer without constant maintenance. The warranties for Trex decking vary between 25 and 50 years, depending on the Trex decking line chosen.

 Low Maintenance

Trex composite decking requires minimal maintenance after everyday spills or a bout of bad weather. A simple soap and water wash should leave the boards looking like new. For tougher messes, a quick rinse with the hose or power washer should do the trick. Also, the days of sanding and staining are over with Trex decking which is designed to stay true to color throughout its lifetime, eliminating one item off the to-do list.

Comparing Trex Decking Boards vs Wood

Let’s take a look at Trex decking vs Wood decking:

 Is Trex Decking a Good Investment?

Trex decking can be more expensive than wood when it’s initially purchased, but Trex lasts longer with fewer maintenance. So, is composite decking worth the money? And more specifically, is Trex decking a good investment? 

In the long term, yes. Trex composite decking will last your family a lifetime with little maintenance costs and strong warranty coverage. Throughout a deck's lifetime, the investment in a Trex deck will pay off both financially and in quality of life. Want to dive into the specifics? Visit our Decking Comparison tool to learn more.

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