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Are Fire Pit Tables Worth It?

Fire pit tables are absolutely worth it. They provide warmth, make the outdoors more enjoyable, and are easy to use. Learn more about why you’ll love one.

July 17, 2023

Adding a fire pit table to an outdoor living space can be seen as a wise investment for several reasons. Not only does a fire pit table serve as a stunning focal point in an outdoor space, but it also helps create an inviting and cozy atmosphere for dining, relaxing, or entertaining.

Additionally, these outdoor furniture pieces offer convenience and style with their dual functionality as both a fire pit and a table. Whether gathering the family around a full-size fire pit table or opting for a more compact tabletop fire pit, you can enhance your outdoor experience. 

But people sometimes wonder, are fire tables warm or just about aesthetics? Stay tuned to learn more about how fire pit tables work and why they're the perfect addition for anyone interested in entertaining in their outdoor space.

Fire Tables Provide Warmth

Are fire tables warm? Just like a traditional in-ground fire pit, fire pit tables generate heat. While efficient heating makes space more comfortable, additional benefits exist.

To start, fire tables offer even heat distribution and adjustable flames. You can customize the warmth output based on your preferences and the weather conditions. When looking for a fire pit table, make sure you consider each model's British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating, which serves as an indicator of how much heat it can produce.  If you prefer a more toasty terrain, opt for a fire table with a higher BTU. If you’re more about ambiance, stick with a lower BTU.

And as a bonus, heat from a fire table can also help deter pests, including mosquitoes, without the bothersome smoke that comes with a traditional in-ground fire pit, torch, or candle.

Finally, fire tables are designed with safety in mind. With multiple safety mechanisms in place, you can rest assured that the risk of accidents and burns is minimal compared to other outdoor heating solutions.

Fire Tables Extend the Time You Can Spend Outdoors

Fire tables allow you to spend more time in the great outdoors, even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with your plans. Since outdoor gas fire pit tables provide radiant heat, you can quickly warm up your outdoor space when the temperature unseasonably drops. 

This benefit extends past the summer months as well. Enjoy the changing of the leaves, a peaceful snowfall, and the first signs of spring without a shiver as your outdoor fire table provides a comfortable outdoor experience year-round.

Fire Tables Enhance the Beauty of Your Outdoor Space

The glow of a fire pit can create a warm and mesmerizing mood within your outdoor space. With so many styles and shapes, including round and square fire pits, you’re sure to find a design that compliments your existing outdoor aesthetics and goals. 

There is a tabletop fire pit for every ambiance. To create a cozy outdoor cafe, a coffee table with a firepit sets the stage for crisp mornings and cappuccinos warmed by a fire. For an evening dining experience, a tabletop fire pit can pull a space (and a family) together.

Fire Tables are Convenient and Easy to Use

Fire tables offer the perfect combination of convenience and ease of use for outdoor fire features. Unlike traditional in-ground fire pits, fire tables provide a hassle-free experience that makes it easier to enjoy your time spent outdoors. 

Here are just a few advantages fire tables have over in-ground fire pits:

  • Less Cleanup: Fire tables minimize the mess and ash that come along with wood-burning fire pits. When using a fire pit table gas model, gathering firewood or dealing with the aftermath of cleaning up ashes is unnecessary (a great benefit when building a rooftop deck).
  • Greater Control: Unlike an in-ground fire pit, fire tables are adjustable. You can easily control the flame height and intensity, creating a comfortable experience without the guesswork that goes along with traditional fires.
  • User-Friendly Features: An electric fire pit features a simple button for turning the fire on and off, making it effortless to ignite and extinguish the flames.
  • Quick Recovery: In the event of a summer rainstorm, covering a fire table is a breeze. As soon as the rain passes, you can be back to enjoying the warmth and coziness of the fire without waiting for the wood to dry.
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Fire Tables are Durable

Fire tables are durable and reliable, making them a long-lasting investment for your outdoor space. Unlike traditional in-ground fire pits, maintenance requirements are minimal. You can spend more time relaxing and entertaining around your fire pit table instead of cleaning out ashes or resealing surfaces.

Fire tables are designed with the elements in mind. Made with weather-resistant metals, stone, or composite materials, fire tables can withstand rain, wind, and UV exposure. Many brands and designs also feature special coatings or finishes, protecting a fire table from wear and tear and extending its lifespan.

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Fire tables are a valuable addition to any outdoor space. They offer warmth, style, and convenience, helping create outdoor spaces that can be used to entertain friends and family members with ease and versatility.

If you’re considering adding a fire pit table to your outdoor space, we invite you to consider Trex Fire Tables. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone table or a stunning set, our fire tables are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs.


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