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Aneta's Life: Connecting Outdoors to the Indoors

When German DIY enthusiast and blogger Aneta moved into a new house with her young family, her focus quickly shifted to the outdoors. She wanted to create a space that felt like an extension of her home with the same warm, modern style featured inside. Using Trex's online Deck Designer tools, Aneta found it easy to plan a complex, three-deck set-up with planters, space for trees, pool, pool house and shed. With Aneta's design talents, the space turned out modern, innovative and perfect for family life.

January 27, 2023

Aneta chose Trex Transcend® decking in Rope Swing from the Classic Earth Tones collection. She wanted a light "wood" color in her backyard that would match the rest of her house. Neutral Rope Swing is a great reflection of the Scandi style Aneta worked hard to create within her home, achieving the indoor-to-outdoor flow she aimed for.

Style Meets Sustainability

Mother to a small child, not everything can be about style for Aneta. Practicality, as well as sustainability, was also key. Aneta was drawn to Transcend decking because, "not only are the boards made from 95% recycled plastic and industrial wood scraps, but they also last many years longer than wood and regular WPC decking,” she said.

Aneta was also impressed by Trex's credentials. On discovering that the company is the US market leader in wood-composite decking, with nearly 30 years of experience in the business, she figured, "if the products were not good, not so many people would trust it."

When she got her hands on her decking last fall and began building, Aneta wasn't disappointed. "The decking is extremely durable… and super easy to install,” she found.

After enduring one winter, Trex is really proving itself, Aneta said. "There is no rotting or splintering like wood, no mold or color fading… On top of that, there is no staining, and the scratch resistance is extremely high."

Decking With Endless Potential

One of the reasons the longevity of Trex decking was so vital to Aneta and her family is the potential to make changes to the decking layout in the future. Whether Aneta wants to rearrange the decking in her current yard, make additional space for the trees and greenery that are planted in raised beds that she has created with the boards, pretty much anything is possible. 

Aneta was pleased to find that the handling and installation of the boards was easy and fast. Aneta also appreciated the Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening System, which made installing the decking efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Hidden fasteners allow for a smooth, clean screwless finish.

In fact, with a 50-year warranty, Trex decking should last through multiple generations of messy kids and garden parties, too.

Family Life With Trex

Aneta shares that her family uses their deck “like an outdoor living and dining room.” With the addition  of Trex® Outdoor Lighting™, the space has great ambiance both day and night. Aneta chose Trex® LED Recessed Deck Lights, installing them around the edges of the patio. She loves their soft light and eco-friendly material, and the fact they add no safety concerns or extra cleaning requirements. "The LED lights completely disappear into the board; there is no metal edge for anyone to bump into or dirt to collect,” she said.

With Trex decking, Aneta has found the mixture of practicality and style every interior-design-loving parent needs. Despite the light color of Rope Swing and the careful design and planning that went into building her dream outdoor family space, she barely thinks about deck upkeep. One of Aneta's favorite Trex features is the ease of maintenance. "If I ever find a stain," Aneta said, "I can remove it in no time." 

Perhaps that's why Aneta keeps working on her garden project. So far, in addition to the pool, the expansive decking, plantings and the shed, she has added a pool house and a cozy planter box that means the family will be able to enjoy the yard and deck all year round. 

Aneta also recently built a front porch to complement the backyard design, giving her a space to relax and watch her daughter as she plays outside. Using Trex decking in the front yard is a great idea to maximize usable outdoor space.

Aneta's Advice For Building With Trex Transcend

After four tries at building a deck with different materials, Aneta admits Trex has stolen her heart. "I am so in love with Trex," she said. What higher praise could there be? Especially coming from a design aficionado who also happens to be a busy Mom. 

Aneta's top advice for other DIY designers out there? Use Trex's online tools and installation and assembly guide. If you design your decking area carefully online, actually installing it will be a breeze. Of course, if you aren't quite as handy as Aneta or simply don't have the time to install your own decking, you can easily DIY the design and find a TrexPro® builder to carry out the installation.

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