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5 Outdoor Upgrades that Add Value to a Home

When it comes to adding value to a home, think outside the box. According to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, nine of the top 10 home improvement projects proven to deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) at resale were exterior renovations. Read the full article to discover which home projects will have the biggest bang for your buck!

October 17, 2022

From the front stoop to the backyard, outdoor remodeling projects can add tremendous value by boosting curb appeal and function – factors that have a big impact on how much money prospective home buyers are willing to pay for a home. To pique the interest of potential buyers before they even walk through the front door, here are five eye-catching exterior upgrades sure to pay off in the long run.

1. Add or upgrade a deck

Over the past several years, outdoor living has propelled to the top of homeowner and homebuyer wish lists. In fact, outdoor living space has never commanded more of a premium. According to the Remodeling report, installing a new deck can add $12,000-$15,000 to a home’s resale value equating to a ROI of 62-65%, depending on whether the deck is built with wood or composite material.

A composite deck offers long-lasting beauty and low-maintenance benefits that appeal to today’s time-stretched consumers. Unlike wood, high-performance composite decking, such as Trex, requires very little upkeep as it is engineered to resist fading, scratching and mold, and won’t rot, warp, crack, or splinter. With no sanding, staining or painting required, composite decks attract homeowners looking to spend more time enjoying their outdoor spaces rather than maintaining them. Trex decking is also sustainably made from 95% recycled and reclaimed materials and is warrantied to last a minimum of 25 years, making it an eco-friendly and smart long-term investment.

If your home already has a wood deck, consider upgrading to composite decking. As long as the existing framework is intact and in good condition, resurfacing a wood deck is a doable DIY project that can be completed over a weekend or two with just a little know-how and the help of a few friends. Step-by-step instructions are available on

2. Replace railings

One of the most visible aspects of a deck, railing is often the first thing prospective buyers notice. It gives a deck its personality and has the power to set the tone for an entire outdoor space. If the existing railing is beginning to show signs of wear, replacing it with something new and modern can give a deck an instant facelift that will boost curb appeal and perceived value. As consumers increasingly find inspiration in commercial settings like hotels and restaurants, there is a growing shift toward industrial materials and designs, such as aluminum railings with sleek profiles and contemporary rod, mesh or glass inserts that optimize sightlines and deliver a modern flair.

3. Create an outdoor room

Another value-add upgrade to any deck or yard is a pergola. This relatively easy and cost-effective addition creates the look and feel of an outdoor room with structural prominence that adds architectural appeal. Today’s pergolas offer customizable shade options to provide shelter from the sun and elements, extending the livability of an exterior entertaining space by offering cool relief on hot days.

4.    Enhance privacy

The past few years have left us craving safety and serenity. Thus, privacy is more important than ever. To enhance the sense of seclusion in an outdoor space, incorporate decorative privacy screens. Made of sturdy, low-maintenance materials, panels are offered in both permanent and moveable options and are available in multiple patterns and colors to complement the aesthetic of any outdoor setting and are ideal for enhancing privacy around decks, patios and pools.

5. Highlight the home with outdoor lighting

Landscape, string, railing and deck lighting are all simple and cost-effective upgrades that can highlight the eye-catching features of a home’s exterior after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting can also add value as it serves as a wayfinding tool to enhance the safety of an outdoor living space, extending the amount of time homeowners are able to spend enjoying the outdoors after dark. For easy, DIY-friendly assembly, look for plug-and-play components that are durable and waterproof, ensuring that they will shine on for years to come.

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