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Emily’s DIY Deck Transformation with the Trex Outdoor Living Collection

Learn more about how Emily completely transformed her outdoor space with Trex decking, railing, deck drainage, and more.

September 26, 2023

Home renovator and influencer Emily from @emilymadehome recently gave her backyard a new look using Trex® decking and railing. 

When Emily decided it was time to overhaul her outdated wooden deck, she knew composite decking would be the ideal solution for durability and low maintenance. As an avid DIYer who is always taking on new projects around the house, Emily wanted to install the new deck herself, so she partnered with Trex to create the backyard oasis of her dreams.

Follow her journey as she shares how approachable and rewarding DIY deck building can be with the right products.

Choosing Trex 

“Goodbye rot and mold, I am done sanding and staining and ready to make the switch to  composite decking,” said Emily on Instagram. What appealed to her about Trex decking was its authentic wood look combined with unbeatable performance. 

Installing the Deck

With a design and color scheme set, the transformation could begin. Emily started by installing  Trex® RainEscape® to protect her patio space, an innovative under-deck drainage system that creates a dry, usable space underneath the deck, perfect for the covered patio space she had in mind.

“You just need a caulk gun, stapler, and scissors, and you install these plastic troughs which flow into downspouts and they go into a gutter,” she explained on Instagram. Next, she added a ceiling with an attractive beadboard and molding. This transformed the space from an exposed patio into a usable covered room.

Next, Emily started laying the Trex Transcend decking on the deck above using the hidden fastener system. This creates smooth, seamless boards without visible screws or nails. The fasteners clip boards in place tightly for a unified look. By adding a breaker board to create two separate living spaces on the upper portion of the deck, Emily was able to achieve the contemporary finish she was after.

For the final touch, Emily built a mitered staircase and added Trex Signature® Railing along the stairs and deck perimeter. The contemporary balusters and sleek white posts perfectly complement the warm tones of the decking boards. Emily opted for aluminum railing for its durability and sleek lines that don’t obstruct backyard views.

Protecting Her Investment

Before installing any decking, Emily applied Trex Protect™ tape to the framing joists. This important step safeguards the substructure from moisture penetration and ensures Emily’s deck will last for decades.

The final result was a jaw-dropping backyard oasis and the ultimate staycation space. “Can you even believe that this is the same space? Just look at this before and after,” raved Emily on Instagram.

Beyond the beauty, Emily was thrilled with the low-maintenance, cooler deck surface. “These heat-mitigating boards are my favorite part!” she said. The added durability gives her time back to enjoy the space instead of only maintaining it.

Empowering DIY Builds with Trex!

Throughout the process, Emily emphasized how building your own deck is empowering.

At the end of the day, Emily was able to stand back and say, “I did that, and so could you!” Her stunning Trex deck encompasses everything she hoped for—beauty, durability, and enjoyment for years to come. 

Emily’s advice? “Don’t let anyone tell you ‘You Can’t,’” she advised. While hiring help is wise for part of the process, DIYers can absolutely take on portions themselves with proper planning. “However, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help,” Emily noted.

Let Emily's Trex story inspire your own backyard vision. Discover the many benefits of Trex composite decking and start designing your dream outdoor space today.

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